Experience matters to your company’s future.

Train current employees who already know your business.

Finding technical talent with the right skill set and industry knowledge is a daunting task. Especially while needs for highly-skilled technical professionals continue to grow. Many companies are addressing this issue by up-skilling their current employees with formal training. And why not? Current employees already know your business and appreciate the opportunity to grow their careers.

In addition to working with universities, XTOL partners with companies to provide in-house training in Data Analytics/Big Data and Software Development. Our unique programs focus on creating business value, not just imparting technical competence. We can tailor programs to meet your specific needs. We have the experience, the proven methodologies and meet the rigorous academic standards of our Academic Partners. Over 90% of our more than 500 program graduates are now working in the field.


  • Deep Experience - XTOL's founders have been delivering training programs to Fortune 100 companies and government agencies for more than 25 years. Courses we have designed have reached over 100,000 corporate students
  • Proven Methodologies - XTOL’s certificate programs are built on the Story-Centered Curriculum methodology developed by our founders while at Northwestern University’s Institute for the Learning Sciences and Carnegie Mellon University. This approach consistently outperforms the classroom in the transfer of gained knowledge to the workplace
  • Academic Partnerships - Top universities are partnering with XTOL to provide our certificate programs. Our programs meet their highest academic standards

No matter if you’re looking to reduce the risk of hiring new technical people or to up-skill current, high-potential employees, XTOL has a proven solution that can be customized to your needs.

Email our corporate partnerships specialist to learn how we can help.  

Case Study

Prominent US Insurance Company Finds Immediate Value in Data Analytics Training.

A nationally known insurance company has engaged XTOL’s Data Analytics Academy in a pilot program. The company’s goal is to better address opportunities locked in their data by providing their employees mentored learning experiences in machine learning techniques and big data analytics. The trainees are working data scientists or employees transitioning into that role. The pilot program is based on the part-time 44-week curriculum.

Mid-program feedback from the trainees has been universally positive. Notably, several trainees report that key components of the program are immediately applicable to their jobs. The cohort’s seasoned data scientists have stated that the program is rounding out their knowledge and answering long-held questions about "why" data science processes are as they are. While learning powerful new tools, trainees are also improving their abilities to "tell a story with data" and to deliver greater business value to management. 

Upon completion of the pilot program, the Data Analytics Academy will meet with the company’s key stakeholders to determine how the program can be more directly tailored to their application domains, further increasing its value. A tailored program has the potential to be rolled out to a larger group of employees through the company’s corporate university.

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