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We Develop Career-Ready Technology Professionals.

Experiential Teaching Online (XTOL) is helping build the workforce of tomorrow by providing professional training via our proven SCC approach. We believe the true value of educational technology is the online delivery of a superior educational experience in which teachers become coaches and mentors to students mastering skills that are immediately relevant to a 21st century society.

XTOL was founded by Cognitive Science, Education, and Artificial Intelligence visionary Professor Roger Schank, based on the belief that students learn best by doing – by performing authentic work in the context of realistic tasks – and that the best way to teach is via one-on-one mentorship.  Professor Schank formed this belief after leaving his Yale faculty position to create the Institute for the Learning Sciences (ILS) at Northwestern University. With more than $40M in sponsored research, Schank and colleagues established what would become the world-renowned multidisciplinary research and development lab. Their goal was to explore how, when and why people learn and what role technology could play in pushing the learning envelope. Key researchers from the Institute, including Ray Bareiss, Tammy Berman, and Chris Riesbeck are still with Professor Schank at XTOL and its sister company Socratic Arts today.

ILS flourished, employing over 200 programmers, content developers, faculty members, research associates, graduate students and others. As visitors flocked to ILS to learn about its learning efforts, Fortune 100 corporations became increasingly interested in having ILS develop high-end training solutions for their employees. 

Given the high demand, Schank founded Cognitive Arts Corporation, and later Socratic Arts, to address the training needs of corporations, government agencies and post-secondary schools. After helping companies like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, GE Capital, IBM, Eli Lilly, Grainger, Eaton, JP Morgan Chase, Schank and colleagues joined Carnegie Mellon University where they developed and refined the uniquely effective approach to learning called the Story-Centered Curriculum (SCC) which is the foundation of XTOL/Data Analytic Academy’s program.

In 2012, Professor Schank formed XTOL to provide high-demand technical training to professionals. Today XTOL/Data Analytics Academy is partnering with top-tier universities around the world and also continues the long tradition of providing exceptional in-house training for companies investing in their employees’ skills.

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