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Whether you want to change careers, enhance your current skill-set, or train your employees, XTOL can help. Opportunities for individuals with solid technical skills in Data Analytics and Software Development continue to expand even in our highly competitive workforce. To teach these skills, XTOL partners with universities and directly with employers to offer unique learn-by-doing certificate programs in:

All of XTOL's programs teach practical job skills that can be put to use immediately in the professional workplace. As one of our students said, "Things I learn tonight, I can use at work tomorrow."


The Data Analytics Academy

The next cohorts of our Data Analytics Certificate Program are starting soon.

The University of Texas at Austin – March 23, 2017
Visit UT’s Data Analytics program page for information about pricing, information sessions, and registration.

Rutgers University – April 3, 2017
Visit Rutgers’ Data Analytics program page for information about pricing, information sessions, and registration.

Universidad Cenfotec, Costa Rica (with mentoring in Spanish)
Visit Cenfotec’s Data Analytics program page for additional information.

Ubiqum, Spain (with mentoring in Spanish and English) – April 18, 2017
Visit Ubiqum’s Data Analytics program page for additional information. 

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Announcing the XTOL Software Development Academy

XTOL is pleased to announce that in the summer of 2017 it will begin offering a Software Development Academy that will teach practical skills in front-end and full-stack development, including:

  • HTML and CSS for website development
  • JavaScript programming
  • Mobile Web Application Development
  • Java programming with Spring Boot for back-end development

The program will employ XTOL’s proven project-based, learn-by-doing approach with a new twist: The program will feature a unique automated mentor that will employ natural-language processing technology derived from our decades of artificial intelligence research. The automated mentor can provide immediate answers to most task-related student questions posed to it in plain English, and it can provide immediate feedback on your work. Of course, human mentors will still be available in those rare instances in which you need help with a unique problem. Automated mentoring will speed your progress through the program and will significantly lower the program’s tuition cost, making preparation for a software development career more widely accessible.

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